Elise Neal - A Triple Threat Perfomer

Known for her amazing seven starring roles on televesion series: 3 as mainstay re-occuring "KVill on FOX," "Ant Farm" on Disney, and "The Cape" on NBC, "The Highley's on ABC, "All of Us" on UPN, and Elise's newest series "Belle's on TV-0ne!

In Belle's, Elise plays the manager of a soul food restaurant, owned by her demanding father.

Elise's most recent amazing guest apearance on "Scandal" on ABC still has people chatting and made Elise Neal a trending topic on twitter!!!

Audiences love Ms. Neal in her films as well. With blockbusters like "Scream 2", "Money Talks", and True story based films like "Rosewood" and "Love Ranch". Elise really shines in her work in indie features ("Restaurant" - With Adrian Brody and her new film "1982," winner of best picture at ABFF this year "The Under Shepherd" and of course the powerhouse Oscar nominated "Hustle and Flow" which also won the Sundance Audience Award.

What's next for Elise Neal?? Producing and branding!! She has already co-produced "The Slap" a short film for the "lens on talent series", and is shopping her first screenplay she wrote "Timeless."

Elise Neal has an African American Women In Cinema Award

*A SAG Award nomination for "Hustle and Flow"

*A Hot in Hollywood Award

*Seven NAACP Award Nominations for TV and Film

*Her own hair line called Hollywood Belle out in mid October

*A dress line called The Demetria Collection coming soon!